PSG and Red Star Belgrade Players line up in The Champions League

Authorities are currently investigating if a Champions League game between Red Star Belgrade and Paris Saint-Germain has been mended.Both teams have strongly denied wrongdoing later L’Équipe reported that a Red Star official has been supposed of gambling $5m (#4.4m) about the group losing by five goals in a game PSG won 6-1. It’s known, Uefa passed after the 3 October game suspicions to the government in the Parc des Princes in Group C, which contains Napoli and Liverpool.

PSG and Red Star

Red Star, who attracted their opening group game 0-0 at home to Napoli, stated:”It’s with the best anger and bitterness that Red Star deny the current report from the French paper L’Équipe in relation with doubts concerning the results of this Paris Saint-Germain-Red Star game and also the participation of anyone out of Red Star in possible inappropriate action.”The allegations from this report may cause great harm to the reputation of the team, and so Crimson Star insists both Uefa and the competent investigating authorities in Serbia and France explore these doubts into the end and return to the reality.”Today’s technology and several different mechanics have improved so much it is not really feasible for this instance to be left open. Red Star anticipates that the facts about this has to arrive in as brief a time as possible and that any uncertainty concerning the participation of any part of the team in any potential disruptive actions have to be gotten rid of.”Their statement :”It was with the best stupefaction which Paris Saint-Germain found this article on the L’Équipe site regarding feelings of match-fixing regarding the Champions League match with Red Star Belgrade. The team would love to point out in no time has Paris and rejects all direct and indirect response in relation. PSG won’t endure the attack on its own standing nor of its own officials and stays at the use of the researchers. To this end the golf club reserves the right to take legal actions against any party which makes defamatory statements from the team or even its officers.”The body responsible for regulating gaming in France, ARJEL, told L’Équipe it didn’t observe any bets.A Uefa spokesperson stated:”Uefa never remarks on possible, or the presence of, investigations into alleged match-fixing in order to not undermine the procedure for such analyses.”Uefa merely communicates on particular cases/matches once disciplinary proceedings are opened and/or decisions are taken.

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